This Pony though

Apple Knoll Jumper Show

July 9th



shaggycrust asked: Wow Harli, a few weeks ago (when I thought you were dead for your inactivity) I realized that you answered my letters and my questions! I didn't see them before because I didn't see them in your tumblr, they were in my messages but like I'm new I didn't know that there was that section. I was really happy when I discovered all of your answers, thank you so much!! That meant a lot to me.

You are so very welcome :) I’m sorry I’m not as active. It really saddens me because I’ve always loved my blog. My life has just gotten SO busy now that I’ve graduated. Adult life is NO fun.


Touch (Instagram @ninathornton)

Anonymous asked: oh my gosh i've seen videos of you and your horses and by chance i stumbled upon your blog and i was like wait a minute is that who i think it is.... and yeah i love your youtube and your horses are absolutely stunning!

YAYYY!! Thank you so much :)

mermaydd asked: Your horses are gorgeous! c:

Thank you so much!

Anonymous asked: i want wondering if you'd be willing to share how you got the GIF in your side bar? i'm not all that great at coding, but i've tried to youtube it and nothing helpful comes up. and i'd really love to have a GIF in my page layout

I made it in photoshop. I actually just uploaded as my sidebar image. As long as its under 1MB it uploads :)

Anonymous asked: How long have you been riding for? Also, did you grow up with horses?

All my lifeeee, and yes I did!


nomnomnom (myphotocred)

Anonymous asked: what helmet does Shawna have?

Charles Owen

newt-astic asked: v3v just let you know that you got a place in my fave blog section <3 (and i hope you come back to tumblr ;; )

oh thank you so much :D even if I haven’t been here in a while I’m honored you added me!!

Anonymous asked: You never post photos anymore :(

I know :( I’m sorry

Anonymous asked: Will you make a video again or are you done with youtube now?

Maybe sometime soon. I’m not “done” with it haha, I just never actually have time to finish a video.


judgez I shud win bc I hve gr8 teef

Devon ‘14