Spring 2014



"This here is pure trust. This is basically me putting my life in sharh hands. Think about how heavy they are, how strong and Mussily they are. One step down and I would be crushed. But I trust her and I trust her with my life! I wouldn’t recommend doing this with your horse unless you trust them with your life! I don’t want to be setting an example for younger or people who look up to me to do this unless you trust horse or pony with your Heart and life! This is very special for me to have so much trust in her that I can feel totally safe under her hoof she’s so soft and kind and is holding her hoof so lightly. Sharh would never hurt me EVER! She keeps me so safe and when I’m with her I feel so protected I know she’s a horse with a mind of her own and people tell she change her mind at any second but she’s loves me and she respects and she loves with all her heart and she wouldn’t ever hurt me!! This photo means a lot to me. I trust with my life I trust more anything in this world. (Hate blocked) love you so much sharh your one in a million!😘"

It may be trust… but it’s also pure stupidity. Comments include:
“THIS is what we should be seeing more of!”
“You guys have a great bond”
“You have such a great bond. I’m jealous”
“I hope to have a bond like this later on”
And so on.

Hopefully soon natural selection will take over and she will get hurt and show people that this is not fucking okay! Its a shame that they ony way she will change us if she gets hurt or even worse this is not trust this is stupidity and you having a good horse who obviously is smarter then you If i was that horse i would step all the fuck over her.

This irks me…

One, the grammar is horrendous…

I hate hate hate hate how beautified “trust” and “bonds” are with horses now a days.


Hate to burst your bubble. Bonding with an animal does NOT equal putting yourself in harms way simply to show that the animal CHOSE not to hurt you for that ONE MEASLY SECOND to take a photo.

Bonding has NOTHING to do with this crap.

I have an amazing relationship with any horse I ride SIMPLY BECAUSE I LOVE THEM. Not because I can post a stupid ass photo on instagram with stupid shit like this.

YOU CHILDREN, yes you, are taking the ideas of liberty training, trick training, and traditional training ALL WRONG.



Equestrian by Tami Weingartner


I love it when they poke up those ears under the bonnet

wef ‘14



shaggycrust asked: Have you got a photo of Buck as a baby?:)

No I wish :(

Anonymous asked: Which are your jobs?

Wine and Design and Claire’s at a mall haha

check my photography website?!?



Hannah Von Heidegger & Geledimar

8th in Individual


I didn’t die I swear.

I have two jobs now. How exciting <3 

Anonymous asked: Hey sorry to bug you but do you think you, Taylor or Shawna will upload a video anytime soon? :) I understand you guys have lives out of YouTube though haha!

No idea to be quite honest. Things are really busy when you have to be an adult lol. It sucks.


IDOL, Croatia’s State Championship for 4YO Horses 2013 WINNER
Photos by Lidija Novković.


bet you’ve never seen a hunter like that!


Anonymous asked: Do you think you could make another playlist? I hate copying the songs you use in your videos, but I absolutely love your music taste and need something to edit to!:)

Yes I can!! I will have to work on it for a little bit :)