I would love to throw her in a pleasure ring. Just once and see if she places.

I wish I had the time :/

My sister Hayden riding Kiss :) She’s always been kind of afraid to be turned lose by herself to ride because she doesn’t ride very often. Kiss also used to be her pony before I took her over after Hayden got scared to ride her. But here they are! I’ve worked with Kiss A LOT to get her where she is today and I’m so happy I can turn her loose with a semi-beginner and know that they are safe!

Pony gallops haha

You have to sit back though because sometimes she gets off balance and will buck, but when she gets going she’s fun! :)

I’m really not a fan of my dogs chasing the horses while I try to get pictures of them in motion…

but these kinda look cool.

And it only lasted a minute…

She is so awkwardly shaped. It makes me laugh. My mutt pony.

Typical pony.

The sun won’t come out :( and my camera lacks in picture quality when there is lower light.

So I edited the crap out of this.

But I still like it :)

Mommy I’m ready to go back in my pasture.

Because my horse is so on edge all the time…


blehh can’t get the color right. but the height difference between my babies amuses me.

A study in Kisses.

I really love all of these photos :)

I love the way light passes through a horse’s eye..

stahhpp looking cuter than meee wiff my ponieeee

cutest Kissable nose :3